LIBRATION (i), by Lluïsa Cunillé

Libration is the meeting of two women in a city park during three full-moon nights. Its cold, perhaps it’s winter or end of October.

In this park, where all the urban furniture is iron, there is a little horse that shrieks when its swings, invoking images of childhood. There are posters that prohibit dogs off their leaches, and the police is cyclically patrolling all real presences.

The words, strategies, recognitions, memories, needs, the child of one and the dogs of the other.

Two women around a discovery.


Author: Lluïsa Cunillé

Translation: Carla Miranda / Cristina Carvalhal

Direction: Cristina Carvalhal

Scenography: Cláudia Armanda

Costumes: Catarina Barros

Lighting design: Jorge Ribeiro

Sound design: Luís Aly

Photography: Paulo Pimenta

Graphic design: Maria&Gon

Cast: Carla Miranda and Maria do Céu Ribeiro

Off Voice: Maria Fernanda Barros

Light and sound technician: Hugo Amaral

Executive Production: Cândida Silva


 Location: Estúdio Zero, Porto

Dates: September 27thto November 4th, 2007

Digression: Vila Real; Lisbon

Production As Boas Raparigas


(i) Libración, in the original Catalan