LIBRATION, by Lluïsa Cunillé

“It is essential to visit this iron garden. You don’t lose your balance merely by accepting what is disturbing, because it’s cold or its enchanting. Only indifference can do so much. Liberation stays within us as an unbreakable clock. That doesn’t stop.”

 Filipa Leal in Suplemento das Artes das Letras, 15 Out 2007

“A minimal dramaturgy about fear and desire of the other, which fits like a glove to the generation that would be 30 years old in the year 2000 and that, with the passage of time, seems destined to seek faith and hope in nocturnal visits to children’s parks. Nothing to do? Alone, the women in this play waited so long for some imaginary being that would save them that they have stopped being able to recognize real people and things.”

Jorge Louraço Figueira in Suplemento “Ípsilon” do Público (2007 review)